Albuquerque man injured at Ute Lake

TV Hagenah

LOGAN – A boating accident at Ute Lake sent an Albuquerque man to the hospital with head and side injuries Sunday afternoon and left New Mexico State Park personnel investigating the specifics of the two-boat accident.

Rangers said that at this time the details of the accident were still not clear, but it appeared that the “jet” boat in which the injured man, Rupert Ortega of Albuquerque, was riding with one other family member was struck from behind by a standard fishing boat which was driven by another family member and containing four additional family members.

The man was injured and thrown into the water along with other members of his family as his boat sunk. Reports state family members kept the Albuquerque man from sinking.
Ortega was taken to shore where Logan emergency medical personnel treated him and then transported him to the Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital in Tucumcari where he remains in stable condition as of press time.
Ute Lake State Park Manager Rodney Paris said at this time the investigation into the causes of the accident continues under the direction of New Mexico State Park Ranger Jerome Madrid, so he is unable to release the name of the driver of the driver of the trailing boat.
“I will say that driver inattention seems to be a factor and we are looking into other factors,” said Paris.