Battle of Bands set

William Thompson

The Quay Council for Arts and Humanities is hosting a battle of the bands Saturday June 12 from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. Five bands are slated to perform at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

Judy Hiner, Director of the Quay Council for Arts and Humanities, said the event is designed to foster greater understanding between the Hispanic and Anglo cultures of the community. “We are trying to put on an event that will appeal to both Hispanics and Anglos in order to build up some community spirit,” she said. The six bands competing in the battle of the bands reflect a diversity of cultures. Recuerdos, a popular Hispanic band will be performing as will Shana and the Outlaw Band. “Shana” is Shana Harmon, co-owner of K-Bob’s Steakhouse.

A band composed of New Mexico State University students from Tucumcari, Kryptic, will be performing as will Eternal Funk, a band with Tucumcari and Levelland College connections. Cardboard Circles, a band that consists of recently graduated Tucumcari High School seniors, will open the competition. Hiner said six judges will rate the bands’ performances and the winning band will receive $200. “The six judges will be coming from Moriarty,” said Hiner, “so they will be unbiased. The second prize will be $100 and the third prize, $75.”

Hiner said the Arts and Humanities Council does not expect any monetary profit from the event. “I am hoping that we will have nearly 500 people attending. That would give us proceeds of around $2,500.” said Hiner. “That would allow us to break even. Most Quay Council events break even. We depend on grant money and our advertisers to be able to afford to stage events.” Alex Martinez recently graduated from Tucumcari High School. He, along with Felimon Chavez create an original rock sound for their band Cardboard Circles. Chavez plays drums while Martinez plays electric guitar and composes the band’s instrumentals.

“I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve,” said Martinez. “Felimon and I won a talent show earlier in the year, so I’m looking forward to playing in front of a paying crowd.”
The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) will be selling concessions at the event and will benefit from the concession sales. Admission to the contest is $5, but children attending with parents will be allowed in free. Admission will be good for the entire day’s performances, and patrons will be allowed to come and go as they please.
Door prizes donated by area businesses will be given away between performances. Also, the QuayZ Quilters and Tucumcari Fine Arts League will be selling raffle tickets for a quilt. the proceeds from the raffle tickets will benefit the upcoming Route 66 celebration.

Hiner said battle for the bands idea came from members of Recuerdos. “Carlos Chavez and Ambrose Mares came to us with the idea,” said Hiner. They organized the event, handling all the logistics and contacting all the bands.”