‘Mother Road Rally’ revs up

William Thompson

The Mother Road Rally will be roaring into town June 18 for a weekend of fun for everyone, according to rally organizers. Sherry Anaya, the woman who initiated the idea of a biker rally for Tucumcari, said local motels are already seeing advance reservations.

“Local motels have told me they already have three-day bookings,” said Anaya. “It looks like it’s going to be a successful event.”Anaya, a biker herself, said the idea for a Tucumcari rally struck her during a visit to a rally in Grants.
”Last July, I went to Grants and noticed that their biker rally was generating a big economic impact for such a small town,” she said. “Tucumcari has many more facilities, so I thought we could generate a lot more money for the economy here than a small town like Grants could.”

Marla Tarter, a rally volunteer, said that marketing surveys have been done and that it is expected that 3,000 bikers will attend the rally. “That translates to $1,200,000 in the coffers of local businesses from motels to restaurants, gas stations and RV parks,” said Tarter. “All businesses will benefit.” Tarter noted that their will be noise and increased traffic Father’s Day weekend. “There will be noise due to the large number of motorcycles,” said Tarter, “but If we expect to have large gatherings of people in Tucumcari, then we are going to have to take the good with the bad.”

Events scheduled for the three-day rally include motorcycle freestyle exhibitions, side-by-side racing, live entertainment featuring regional bands and comedy acts, poker runs, a demolition derby and horseshoe tournament. There will also be a bike show Friday and Saturday June 18 and 19 with awards given out on the following Sunday. Vendors will be selling a variety of items and plenty of food will be on hand.

Beer will be served in a fenced-in beer garden that will be monitored by New Mexico State Police. “No one will be allowed to wander around the fairgrounds with beer,” said Tarter. “All of the events will be monitored and supervised by state police.” Anaya said that with the support of the community and sponsors, organizing the big event has been relatively easy. “We’ve had some opposition, but I think this event will be good for our younger generation,” said Anaya. “They need something to do because our youth have hardly anything to do during the summer. Our youth are the future of Tucumcari.”

Admission is $15 daily for Friday and Saturday, $10 for Sunday. $30 will purchase a three-day pass.
Already, nearly 40 volunteers are working daily on the logistics of Tucumcari’s first-ever biker rally. Anyone wishing to volunteer or anyone needing more information can call R.W. Ciolli at 461-8669. The fax number is 461-4601.
Proceeds from the rally will benefit Five Mile Park.