Freak accident hospitalizes Logan man

William Thompson

A Logan man is in the hospital because of a freak accident in Logan Sunday morning.

Sunday morning around 11 a.m. Bert Higgins was trying to start his tractor on his property in the 300 block of 19th Street in Logan. According to Bob Gore, First Officer in Charge of the Logan Police Department, Higgins did not know the tractor was in gear as it lurched forward knocking Higgins to the ground. “He was standing in front of the rear tractor wheel,” said Gore. “He was trying to start it and didn’t know it was in gear. The tractor is an old tractor, and when it started up it proceeded forward, running over Mr. Higgins, then continued on across the street and struck a house.”
Gore said he did not see any open wounds and that Higgins was conscious and able to speak prior to transport. “He was actually run over by the axle of the tractor,” said Gore.

Gore said an eyewitness was able to contact Logan EMS. Higgins was loaded into a Logan ambulance for transport to Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital in Tucumcari. Larry Rigdon, Deputy Fire Chief for Tucumcari, said Tucumcari emergency personnel met the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
“Whenever Logan personnel have a need for a high level of care they call us and we intercept them, usually along U.S. 54 on the way to the hospital,” said Rigdon. “We sent a Paramedic and an E.M.T., and they were able to get inside the ambulance and provide care to the victim on the way to the hospital”

Rigdon would not comment as to what kind of emergency care was given to Higgins. Brenda Rivali, a friend of the Higgins family, said that Higgins’ wife told her that Higgins was transported to Amarillo Sunday. “His wife told me that he was airlifted from Tucumcari to Amarillo on Sunday,” said Rivali. “She said he is in stable condition at Northwest Texas Hospital, but he remains in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.” Rivali said Higgins’ wife reported that her husband was in good spirits. “She said he was joking around with family members and has not lost his sense of humor,” said Rivali.