Foster parents sought

TV Hagenah

The State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department is looking for more foster parents in Quay County said Placement Worker Cecelia Bernal and Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruiter Renee Fitts.

“We need parents who are willing to do this in Quay County,” said Fitts. “We need at least two families who are willing to get licensed.”

“But we would take 10 or 15,” said Bernal explaining there was no limintation to the number of people who could sign up in the county. “Fifteen would be nice.”

What it comes down to, the two women said, is that there are a number of children in Quay County in need of temporary families for various reasons.

Fitts said the reasons that the children need temporary homes are wide ranging, but most of the reasons center around abuse and neglect by the biological parents.

“There are so many reasons,” said Fitts. “The kids may be victims of physical or sexual abuse or be living in a house that is so filthy that it is dangerous or it could be that the children are being neglected.”

In fact, Bernal said that the problem within Quay County has become something of a numbers’ crunch.

“We have so many that need homes that some must be placed out of the county,” said Bernal. “That’s why we are looking for more families in the county.”