Man walking to Canada

William Thompson

Gus Foster, 62, arrived in Tucumcari Thursday after walking from Ciudad Juarez, just across the international border with Mexico. Foster is on his way to Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada.

“I deliberately chose the most diagonal route from the Texas-Mexico border to Canada,” said Foster. “I’m originally from Wisconsin, so I thought it would be nice to head back to an area of the country I remember well.”

Foster said he has undertaken long journeys by foot in the past.

“About 15 years ago, I walked across Japan,” said Foster. “You see things at 2 m.p.h. that you would never see in a car or on a motorcycle.”

Foster, who currently resides in Taos, operates a photo studio and has his works shown at a gallery in Santa Fe.

“I’m taking photos all along my route to document the walk, “ said Foster.

“I run a studio in Taos called Panoramic Photography. Some of my large panoramic photographs are shown at the Gerald Peters gallery in Santa Fe.”

Friday morning, about 12 miles east of Tucumcari, Foster stood alongside U.S. 54 and remarked about the beauty of an adjoining wheat field.

“Driving by this wheat field, a person would see it, but a few minutes later they would probably forget about it,” said Foster. “Walking gives me the chance to take it all in and reflect on it.”

Foster’s son, Scott, is traveling behind his father in an RV. He said his dad doesn’t get any free rides in the RV.

“The RV is just a support vehicle,” said Scott Foster. “He marks where he stops at the end of each day’s walk with surveyor’s tape. Then the next morning his daily walk begins from that exact point.”

Gus Foster said he has daily encounters with good Samaritans along the highways of New Mexico.

“People are always stopping to see if I need a ride,” said Foster. “Law enforcement officials stop by as well, to see if I’m okay or need anything.”

Foster said he has not had any problems so far on his trip.
“I’ve got a few blisters,” he said, “but I brought along three pairs of boots.”

Foster has a website,, where he routinely posts information and photos from his cross-country walk.