Young artists finish week of art school in city

TV Hagenah

In metropolitan areas, young people may go off to dance camp or music camp or art camp so they can be exposed to cultural experiences that they may not otherwise have in their day-to-day lives. Tucumcari got a bit closer to that concept as the first class of Doug and Sharon Quarles’ Art Workshops for Youths came to an end.

“They have been excellent,” said Quarles of his five young students who spent the last week learning the use of acrylics and the concept of converting an image from one medium to another. “They all worked hard; a lot of listening, watching as we went through the course.”

Quarles’ wife Sharon echoed her husband’s feelings about the young people who took the week-long art class.

“They have worked very hard and done a very good job,” said Sharon. “I’m very impressed with them.”

The five young artists in their steads felt they got a great deal out of the class that they took each morning for the last five days.

“I think it’s great,” said 13-year-old Jonathan Laredo. “I’m able to come out here (to the Quarles’ studio) and learn how to paint. I think its great.”

The 14-year-old classmate of Laredo, Lauren Evetts said she too enjoyed the experience of becoming a painter.

“I think it’s really fun,” said Evetts, “really fun. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s real cool.”

Fellow 14-year-old Tomoko Bahrs said the class went beyond fun, and moved to self-expression when she picked up her brush.

“It’s real exciting. It’s like you get something out of the paper you’re not sure you had in you, and Mr. Quarles is a really good teacher.”

Quarles said he hoped that the whole experience would just be a jumping off place for the youngsters and wouldn’t stop when they left the studio.

“Both Sharon and I are very proud of them all and hope they will continue to do their art and learn all they can.”