Logan firefighters keep at it

TV Hagenah

Logan Volunteer Fire Department Chief Rick Stall said so far the summer season has been a mixed blessing for his department.

“Traffic is up here,” said Stall, “and calls are up a little I’d say, but most of them have been EMS.”
On the other side of the coin, he said that grass fires seems to be down from last year despite extremely dry conditions in the area. “Fires haven’t been that bad,” said the Logan Chief.

He pointed out that the most recent grass fire his department worked were not Logan’s fires at all. They were, in fact, fires in the San Jon/Grady area.
Stall pointed out that the Village of Logan has recently passed new ordinances involving fire in that area because of the extreme fire conditions. “Pretty much the only outdoor fires permitted are ones used for cooking,” said Stall.

Stall said he and his group of volunteer firefighters have not had a “really bad” season and that is fine with them.
Recently they were called out on an assist on U.S. 54 where a combine had fallen off a semi-trailer. Their most dynamic fire recently happened over the weekend in a Logan carwash. where a boat somehow caught on fire. “We’re not sure how it started but it pretty much destroyed the boat,” said Stall. “It was still hooked to the truck that was towing it and we were trying to save the truck.”