Reading program begins

TV Hagenah

Tucumcari Summer Reading program, Readiscover New Mexico, will begin June 21 at Tucumcari Public Library on Second Street, and according to Assistant Librarian Dainetta Kroeker, it promises to be a fun time for the young people taking part in it.

“We’re going to have a number of different activities aimed specifically at children,” said Kroeker. Kroeker said, among other things, the program will have four story tellers throughout the summer, games, prizes, special activities and even free coupons from area merchants for different goods or services. “We even have coupons from the swimming pool,” said Kroeker. While the Readiscover New Mexico Activities actually begin on June 21, the first official special program will get underway on June 24. Kroeker said the Summer Reading Programs have been going on in Tucumcari for as long as she can remember and are well supported by both parents and children of the community. She said there are usually “around 200” children taking part in the different activities that make up the library’s reading program.

Kroeker said the children involved with the library programs will even have a chance to learn to make crafts such as door hangers and pinatas “It should be a great deal of fun,” said Kroeker. Kroeker also said because of the ongoing nature of the Readiscover New Mexico, some children had expressed a worry that if they went on vacations they would not be in-step with the other children taking part. According to Kroeker, however, this should not be a worry because they have actually built in redundant days to cover that eventuality. “If they miss a week,” said Kroeker. “It’s no problem. They can pick right up and be right up there with those that have been here all along.”
For more information call the Tucumcari Public Library at 461-0295.