Election – James L. Witcher

Name: James L. (Jim) Witcher, Sr.
Age: 57
Profession: Minister

1. What is it that makes Tucumcari uniquely Tucumcari?
1. “People, location and access to commerce. We have some of the most outstanding people in the world, and we are also centrally located on Interstate 40 and Highway 54. In fact, the area around Tucumcari Mountain has been the major crossroads for people for hundreds of years.”

2. What do you see in the future of Tucumcari?
2. “With a positive (can-do) attitude, I see growth and prosperity in our future.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Tucumcari at this time?
3. “The attitude of some who say things such as ‘We’ve never done it that way before,’ or ‘We can’t do it,’ or ‘We’ll never be able to grow.””

4. How would you go about solving this problem?
4. “I will enter office with the attitude of ‘We can do it.’ ‘We’ll find a way to make it work,’ and ‘We will keep on working together until we make our Tucumcari the best community it can possibly be.””

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponents?
5. “I was in the construction business for 25 years, the last 18 of which I was in business for myself before being led back to college to be prepared for ministry. Therefore, I am familiar with the problems that we will face in building our future. I have the people skills to work with others to get the job done. I am not bound by a preset agenda. I will look at each issue and make the best possible decision for our Community. I have lived within 200 miles of Tucumcari my entire life, except for three years in the U.S. Army, so I understand how the people of our area think and feel. I have seen and felt the problems that our community has faced during the past 11 years and I understand how it has affected us all. And finally, I am not beholding to anyone or any group. No one can push my buttons to get their personal agendas above the good of us all.”