Election – Paula J. Chacon

Name: Paula J. Chacon
Age: 41
Profession: Office Manager/Consultant

1. What is it that makes Tucumcari uniquely Tucumcari?
1.”Tucumcari has a perfect climate for retirees with various recreations close to our great City, a great community college for education, and medical facilities that are also very beautiful. Tucumcari is a great community to raise children, offering a great education and other benefits for our children and families. Tucumcari is a very friendly and sociable community that is always willing to help. All of which are great assets for our community.”

2. What do you see in the future of Tucumcari?
2. “I feel that Tucumcari has a great future — growth. Economic development is very important to Tucumcari. I feel that with all local agencies working together we can make a difference not only for Tucumcari but all of Quay County. I said earlier that Tucumcari offered a lot for our children but now we need to focus on the ability of keeping our generations here in Quay County. Young adults do not have enough job security to keep them here in Tucumcari. In order to get our population back to what it was in the past we need to focus on bringing in jobs with medium to high income base. If we can increase the income base for our community, that would mean the ability to turn these dollars over here in our own community benefiting our established businesses.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Tucumcari at this time?
3. “Economic development, street Improvement, waste water facilities, solid waste, and water are some of the issues that I feel are necessary improvements to Tucumcari. But please note that with economic development we could increase our revenue base to the city which would help fund projects to improve our community. revenue throughout the state is declining. The city already has a great grant program that continues to bring in added revenue to address some of these problems, but it never seems to be enough. I feel that in order to move forward in the future, Tucumcari needs to address these issues in the best interest of our community, which I would do for all of our residents in our community.”

4. How would you go about solving this problem?
4. “I am not sure I would call these issues problems at this time, but important to our city. Working together with all agencies would do nothing but benefit our community and help solve these issues. Being able to increase revenue for the city would assist in resolving some of these issues. Trying to move forward and improve our community would be beneficial for everyone. Given the opportunity, I am interested in assisting the City of Tucumcari meet their goals and move forward.

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponents?
5. “I would say that I am better suited for the position because of my skills and abilities. My background in agriculture, management, business, politics, state and local government, law/legal, and real estate will help me serve the City of Tucumcari with a high level of integrity, leadership ability and professionalism. While I was an elected official, I represented my county, communities and state to the best of my ability and decisions were made in their best interests. Given the opportunity, I will do the same for the City of Tucumcari. My appointment to the Region IV Housing Authority Board is also an asset for the City of Tucumcari. My ability to communicate with state and local agencies and officials would also be beneficial. So vote for Paula J. Chacon, position 3 on the ballot. Should you wish to discuss any issues pertaining to the City of Tucumcari or if I may be of assistance, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.