Election – Ron Wilmot

Name: Ron Wilmot
Age: 53
Profession: Tucumcari Convention Center Director

1. What is it that makes Tucumcari uniquely Tucumcari?
1. “Tucumcari has a small town atmosphere with a small town quality of life,” spouts our Economic Development Corporation website. Tucumcari may be where the legends began, but it is time to leave the past and small town mentality and realize we are more. Tucumcari has many resources to offer in culture, art, education, water, lower land costs, lower taxes, religious diversity, climate, and access to two major highways. With our population decreasing, maybe what makes Tucumcari uniquely Tucumcari is not an issue as much as how we are going to improve our quality of life.”

2. What do you see as the future of Tucumcari?
2. “Hopefully the near future will bring Tucumcari several developments to make it a distribution, an industrial hub and a tourist destination located on Hwy. 54 and I-40 that is able to support a work force. We have many infrastructure improvements currently underway by the city to improve our future. The future of Tucumcari relies on these infrastructure improvements, city staff attending meetings, and lobbying Santa Fe for our fair share. Without the involvement in all of these, we will not have a future.”

3. What do you see as the biggest problem facing Tucumcari at this time?
3. “The Ute Lake Pipeline cost.”

4. How would you go about solving this problem?
4. “We are going to have to rely on our Governor, our New Mexico State Land Commissioner, our Senate and Congressional leaders in Washington and our Senate and Representative leadership in Santa Fe to counsel and guide us through this process on the Pipeline. We will have to work closely with our Water attorney to protect us. There are so many questions addressing consumption, pricing, leasing or selling the water, biased buyers, and a fiscal impact analysis. We have to be protected or we will loose more than a lake.”

5. Why are you better suited for this position than your opponents?
5. “My hopes are greater for Tucumcari because I don’t think we should be left behind. I am better suited for this position because I understand that the State of New Mexico is growing and raising the per capita income, staying in touch with the environmental issues, rebuilding its economy, guaranteeing civil rights, and Tucumcari isn’t. Why not? I may not be able to vote during the commission meetings on some issues related to employees and the Convention Center but I can work hard on making Tucumcari a better place to live because I know it can be done.”