Kiwanis design special map

TV Hagenah

Members of Tucumcari’s Kiwanis organization feel they have come up with a way to help the people of Quay County, tourists coming through the area and possibly raising a little bit of money for some of their other activities.

They have decided to produce a map of the county, but not, according to Kiwanis member Ross Harmon, an ordinary map. It will be, according to Harmon one that will highlight different businesses, and special locations like the county’s fairgrounds, museums, swimming pools, schools city halls and similar location and do it in a “fun kind of way.” “We have an artist doing his rendition of buildings in a fun manner,” said Harmon. “We are letting the business owners or civic administrators submit pictures and then the artist whom we have commissioned will interpret it from there.”

By doing this, Harmon said the map being made will be a more entertaining and fun for people using it than a normal city or county map. “And we’re going to give it out everywhere we can,” said Harmon. The Kiwanian said the cartoon map will be put in the county’s motels, hotels, restaurants, at visitor centers and “wherever people go.” Fellow Kiwanis member Carrol Willis said he feels it could be a very effective manner of reaching out to outsiders. “I just feel it is a good thing for the community,” said Willis. “It lets people know where things are. This is mainly a community project for use. We don’t make anything from this or if we do it will be only very little. Fellow club member R.H. Hall agreed with Willis as to the positiveness of the project.

“I think it is a really good idea,” said Hall. On the opposite side of the map will be a list activities that happen in the county that visitors might be interested in such as the Quay County Fair, Fourth of July Parade in Logan, the Route 66 Festival, the Chamber of Commerce Rodeo, the Kiwanis Rodeo, Christmas Parade of Lights and the like. “That way on one side a person passing through Quay County can find a place and on the other find things that are going on. So now people can’t say ‘nothing’s going on around here.’”
Harmon said the Kiwanis stepped in and came up with the map because they felt the Quay County area needed to have a push and they didn’t see it coming from other directions.
“We haven’t had a brochure in a long time and Tucumcari Magazine – the last one was three years ago,” said Harmon.