4-H’ers compete in Quay County contest

Quay County 4-Hers competed in their County 4-H Contest on Saturday June 12.  Novice and Junior 4-H members qualified to go on to District 4-H Contest June 23 and 24 in Portales.  The Senior 4-H members qualified to go to state conference in Las Cruces in July.  Cloverbuds participated for the sake of competition and received participation ribbons.  Cloverbuds are 4-H members under the age of 9.  Novices are 9 to 11.  Juniors are 12 and 13.  Seniors are 14 to 19 years old.

Clothing Revue
Sew Much Fun !
Novice: 1st – Jordan Runyan, totebag: 1st – Jordan Runyan, skirt.
Sew Much Fun II
Novice: 1st – Bethany Bishop, shirt: 1st – Bethany Bishop, shorts.
Mix and Match I
Novice: 1st – Taylor Atwood; 2nd – Katie Lamm. Junior: 1st – Carmen Runyan.
With Release and Sites
Junior: 1st – Dylan Johnson.
With Sights and Fingers
Novice: 1st – Ethan Johnson.
Unlimited: 1st – Bethany Bishop
Novice:1st – Mathew Pacheco; 2nd – Sid Truelock.
Junior: 1st – Carmen Runyan.
Consumer Decision Making
Novice: 1st – Taylor Atwood, 2nd – Richard Rush, 3rd – Randall Rush, 4th – Bethany Bishop, 5th – Tyann Ray, 6th – Jordan Runyan.
Junior: 1st – Jenny Wilson, 2nd – Carmen Runyan, 3rd- Desirae Evans, 4th – Diana Osborn.
Novice: 1st – Richard Rush.
Senior:1st – Valtie Riddle, 2nd – Annie Bauler.
Novice: 1st – Chase Thompson.
Junior: 1st – Desirae Evans.
Clothing Presentations
Novice: 1st – Jordan Runyan.
Home Ec
Novice: 1st – Katie Lamm
General Presentations
Junior: 1st – Carmen Runyan
Novice: 1st – Chase Thompson, 2nd – Richard Rush, 3rd – Randall Rush.
Favorite Food Show
Novice: 1st – Jordan Runyan, 2nd – Bethany Bishop.
Junior: 1st – Desirae Evans
Home Ec Bowl
Novice: 1st – Jordan Runyan, 2nd – Taylor Atwood, 3rd – Sid Truelock, 4th – Bethany Bishop.
Junior: 1st – Carmen Runyan.
Horse Judging
Senior: 1st – Trey Rusk, 2nd – Denton Dowell.
Novice: 1st – Richard Rush, 2nd – Taylor Atwood, 3rd – Randall Rush, 4th – Bethany Bishop, 5th – Katie Lamm, 6th Tyann Ray, 7th – Chase Thompson, 8th – Blake Moon, 8th – Mathew Pacheco, 10th – Tanner Sorrels.
Junior: 1st – Lisa Chesher, 2nd – Desirae Evans, 3rd – Roy Hampton, 4th – LIsa Mitchell, 5th – Ashley Keath, 6th – Diane Osborn, 7th – Jenny Wilson, 8th – Carmen Ruynan, 9th – Dustin Hight.
Senior: 1st – Annie Bauler, 2nd – Valtie Riddle.
Livestock Judging
Novice: 1st – Randall Rush, 2nd – Chase Thompson, 3rd – Richard Rush, 4th – Blake Moon.
Junior: 1st – Lisa Mitchell, 2nd – Brittany Slutz, 3rd – Amy White       
Novice: 1st – Jordan Runyan.
Junior: 1st – Amy White, 2nd – Brittany Slutz
Public Speaking
Junior: 1st -Lisa Mitchell
Novice: 1st – Tanner Sorrels, 2nd – Richard Rush, 3rd – Tyann Ray, 4th – Dominic Pacheco, 5th – Randall Rush, 6th – Ethan Johnson, 7th – Mathew Pacheco, 8th – Blake Moon, 9th – Bethany Bishop.
Junior: 1st – Truitt Frost, 2nd – Dylan Johnson, 3rd – Will Bason, 4th – Dustin Hight, 5th – Jenny Wilson, 6th – Carmen Runyan.
Novice: 1st – Tyann Ray, 2nd – Blake Moon, 3rd – Richard Rush, 4th – Ethan Johnson, 5th – Bethany Bishop, 6th – Tanner Sorrels.
Junior: 1st – Dylan Johnson, 2nd – Jenny Wilson, 3rd – Diana Osborn.