Bikers come through

TV Hagenah

Earlier this week roughly 70 bicycle racers shot through Tucumcari on Route 66 in a special race from San Diego to Atlantic City. The cross-country race used Tucumcari’s Traveler’s One-Stop on East Tucumcari Blvd. as their local base of operation and timing station.

The owner of Traveler’s One-Stop, Larry Bond, said he enjoys being the official Tucumcari stopping point for the race and said it not only brings in business to his store, but also adds an international flavor to his clientele. I think it is a very positive event,” said Bonds about the competition. “And it gives me a chance to meet people from all around the world. There were people from Spain, Italy, Brazil, England, France and Germany and they were wonderful and polite.”
The almost 3,000-mile race is a non-stop event with both team and individual competitions. The individual competitors will traverse the country in around nine days while the teams, both two- and four-man squads, take shifts in the race and cross the country in about five days.

The first rider came through Tucumcari late Tuesday night and the final competitors, a team made up of over 70-year olds passed through Thursday evening. There is roughly $170,000 in prize money riding on the race. Last year during the race a bicyclist was struck by a motor vehicle and killed just east of Tucumcari.