Old friends visit ‘Woman from Ima’

Lynn Moncus

As several of you have discovered, Harold and Kathy Nichless have arrived from their home in Keosauqua, Iowa to spend a few months in town to visit with friends and to cause this woman from Ima more problems.

Harold was the cause of my purchasing a computer and the necessary gadgets a few years before we landed in this century. He had the notion that I should enter the computer age and get rid of all my quill pens. He also decided a little later that I should buy a digital camera in order to use more than words in my letters and to be able to capture all the scenery possible in our county during the various seasons. Actually, he seemed to want me to spend most of my retirement funds on all these contrary gadgets so he could laugh at my consternation and then coerce me into trying new programs just to see what he could teach me or make me want to learn.

Fortunately, Harold spent many years teaching elementary students and knew how to teach a beginner in computers although his students were much more adept at learning new ideas than I because they weren’t afraid to see what all they could do or afraid they would damage the gadgets when they didn’t behave properly. We did agree this morning that I have had a blast while trying to learn just a little and have enjoyed the results of much of his work and patience. When you see him roaming around town, you might stop to congratulate him for being chosen “Citizen of the Year” in Keosauqua. I have a feeling that honor means more to him than many he has earned in the past because he glows as he talks about it and had to call immediately when he received it. Although he keeps retiring from various educational duties, he continues to take on more work with the schools and just can’t get out of the habit of teaching or enjoying being around students. I think we can see why he was chosen as he surely has devoted his life to that community and is obviously appreciated by his friends.
We are always delighted to see Kathy and Harold as they also play a large part in this community when they are in town, whether in church or at the various gatherings they attend. Of course, many of us sympathize with Kathy because she has to put up with Harold’s boisterousness, but we also not that she can take care of herself by making quiet remarks that are very appropriate for all occasions. He major news is that she had the opportunity to play the beautiful grand piano at Mayos Clinic and drew quite a crowd as she began to make that instrument ring. Local people surely enjoy her musical talent during their stay here as she often plays at various churches in order to share her talent with friends.

We will have many visits during the summer, and one of us may decide to listen to some of the new tricks I should learn if I’m going to continue playing with these gadgets. As long as Harold doesn’t con me into spending a lot of money o more of these, we’ll probably get along without too much shouting. In the event, you might want to learn a little about computers, I surely recommend that you ask him because he can still speak English when forced to quit speaking “computerese.” He can even slow down long enough for a person to take notes in order to be able to understand some of the processes he is trying to explain. Let’s welcome them and hope they have a great time while they are here.