Fireworks selling well

William Thompson

Phantom Fireworks, on West Tucumcari Boulevard is gearing up for big holiday sales, according to Andrea Page, assistant manager.

Page said a lot of travelers from out of town are stopping in to buy fireworks for the Fourth of July weekend. “Most of the people coming in and spending a lot of money are from out of town,” said Page. “People see our billboard out on the highway. A lot of people are buying the big fireworks like “artillery shells.” Cindy Kubicka and her husband and four children came into Phantom Fireworks Monday morning expecting to spend around $200. Kubicka said the family was traveling from Texas on its way to Las Vegas, Nev.
“We plan on buying one of the large assortment packages of fireworks that sell for around $200,” she said. “We plan on shooting them off in a park in Las Vegas this coming weekend.”

In addition to the store’s main location, Eddie Ulibarri, an employee of Phantom Fireworks is selling fireworks from an auxiliary tent across the street in the Lowe’s Grocery Store parking lot. Ulibarri said the rains this past weekend have dampened sales at the tent. “I only sold about $400 worth of fireworks Sunday,” said Ulibarri. “Sales will pick up this week. I think we will be really busy as we get closer to July 4.” Page said one of the items her shop sells, the “warhead rocket”, is not as dangerous as it sounds.” “The rocket doesn’t actually fly up into the sky,” she said, it stays stuck in the ground and lets out a shower of sparks that lasts about two minutes.”

The “artillery shells” the shop sells shoot high up into the air, Page said. “A ball with a fuse is placed in a tube,” she said. “When the fuse is lit, the ball shoots up into the sky and bursts into a big colorful shower.” Page said the smaller fireworks like cones, firecrackers and sparklers are selling well also. “People like the cones and the colored smoke bombs, also,” she said. Page said she and the other Phantom Fireworks employees have been instructed to ask for identification from everyone wishing to buy fireworks because state law requires that anyone purchasing fireworks be at least 16 years old.