Farmers’ market starting strong

TV Hagenah

The Tucumcari Farmers’ Market has found its new home at Wailes Park to its liking said the head of the area farmers’ market organization, Joye Clumbine.

“Everything went really well,” said Clumbine about the first day of what is to be a twice-a-week event that will run though the end of harvest. “We had a good number of vendors, and a good crowd came out; especially when you consider a lot of the people are up in Logan for the (Fourth of July) celebrations up there.”Eleven vendors showed up for the initial day of the market for the 2004 selling season selling such items as cucumbers, eggs, apricots, tomatoes, honey, jams and jellies and apple butter. According to Clumbine, all of the vendors were from the Quay County area with the majority at this point being backyard gardeners from Tucumcari, “but we’ve got people from all around Quay County.”

Essie Bradford who was selling apricots at $3 per bucket said she was one of those backyard gardeners that Clumbine was talking about.
“I just picked these apricots off my tree every little while and brought them here,” said Bradford. Ron Jones, who was selling tomatoes at the farm market on Lake Street said he too was from the area but his operation was a bit more elaborate than Bradford’s. He said he had a large greenhouse in which he grows the tomatoes.

“Yeah,” said Jones, “I was in Amarillo this morning (at their farmers’ market) and sold 500 pounds and now I’m here.”
Despite working on a large scale, Jones said he is loyal to the Tucumcari Farm Market and has been taking part it for five years. The tomato producer said he was pleased with the move to the new location in the small park.
“The sales and customers are about the same,” said Jones, “but it is so much better a location. We think it’s a lot better here.” As more individuals harvest their different produce, Clumbine said she anticipates more and more vendors selling produce. One of the things at Saturday’s market that Clumbine said she is sorry to say will not be a regular addition to the market is live entertainment. Saturday, Tucumcari’s Blue Grass Association performed while people sold and shopped for produce. “We just wish they would be here every time,” said Clumbine. “It is so nice to have them here.” The farmer’s market will be every Tuesday and Saturday at 5 p.m.