hundreds view festival show cars

William Thompson

The Rotary Club’s Route 66 car show offered a variety of quality cars and trucks for the viewing pleasure of hundreds Saturday afternoon at the Tucumcari Convention Center.
The 60 cars and trucks on display spanned generations, from a 1930 Model “A” coupe to a 2004 Chevy SSR convertible truck. Antonio Rodriguez, 10, admired a green 1933 Franklin. He said he would like to take a ride in that unique automobile. “I think it would be like riding a car back in the sixties or something,” said Rodriguez. “What I really like about it is the inside. It looks really cushiony.”

Bob Storment brought his red 1962 Thunderbird from Amarillo to the show in an enclosed trailer. He said he only drives the car when he knows for certain that the weather will be fine. “If I ran into hail or something like that it would ruin the body,” said Storment. “Maintaining a car like this one is an expensive hobby, but golf and going to the race tracks are expensive hobbies too.” Storment is a veteran of car shows along Route 66 and he said the Tucumcari show was one of the best. “These cars here are as good of a quality as I’ve seen at a car show,” he said, “I go to at least five car shows a year.” Domingo Montano, a Tucumcari resident, entered a 1978 El Camino low rider in the show. He said he caught the classic car bug at a show in California.

“I saw an El Camino at that show and I knew that was the kind of car for me,” said Montano. “The way I pictured an El Camino was low to the ground.” Montano said he spent over $2,000 getting his El Camino just right. “I worked on it for about a year,” said Montano. “I like El Caminos because when you are driving them it feels like you are driving a car, but it is also serving as a kind of pickup truck.” Bob Cohee entered a 1956 Chevy Bel Air in the show. He said he spent ten years and about $14,000 on the rehab for his classic auto. “I bought it for my daughter back in 1970,” said Cohee. At first she didn’t like it but when she started driving it to her high school she got a lot of attention from the boys, so she decided she liked the car.”

Cohee said he was impressed with the quality of the cars on display. “The crowd is great,” he said, “and we’ve got great weather.” Elmer Schuster, the chief organizer for the car show, said he was surprised at the number of trucks entered this year. “Last year we had quite a few Corvettes,” said Schuster. “This year trucks are popular. We’ve got about 20 trucks here. It goes to show how trends change year to year. Yellow was the most popular color of paint this year.”
Prizes were awarded at the car show:
Best of Show – Red Nevins, Clovis, 1938 blue Chevy coupe
People’s Choice Award – Charlie Crossley, Tucumcari, 1948 Willey Jeepster Logest Distance travelled – Clay Schuster, Oklahoma City, 1967 Corvette Best paint Job – Bozo Cordova, Santa Rosa, yellow 1930 Ford Best engine – Dave Shine, Tucumcari, 1979 Corvette