Rock ‘n Roll caps Route 66 Festival

TV Hagenah

The 2004 edition of the Route 66 Festival is over and according to the president of the association, Johnnie Meier, things came off pretty well. “I was impressed with almost everything,” said Meier. “I think everyone had a good time. At least everyone I talked to did. And having a good time and sharing Route 66 is what the event was all about.”

Meier pointed to the dinner show Friday evening, the parade, car show, car crush and talent show on Saturday as being prime example just how successful the overall show was. However, he said the true capping event to the success of the Route 66 Festival was the Rock ‘n Roll Review held at the high school auditorium. “I think anybody that was there knows how great it was,” said Meier who acted as master of ceremonies for the event. “I think everybody came away from that having enjoyed themselves.”

Meier said that most people he had talked to were not only impressed with the headliners the “Fireballs” but also with the lead-up groups, the “Atomic Garage” and the “Nomads.”
“It was just a great evening of rock ‘n roll,” said Meier.
Meier’s opinion was echoed by Quay County Manager Terry Turner who attended the concert with his wife. “We had a great time,” said Turner. “We just enjoyed ourselves so much. The music was wonderful. And Ruby Ann (who entertained with questions from the audience during band changes) was great. The heat was the only negative.”
The air conditioning system was out during the concert and some people reportedly suffered badly from that.
Meier said he was also proud of performer Ruby Ann Boxcar who not only answered questions, but did bits of her comedy routine and even danced and sang upon request of the audience.

“And the heat was really rough on her,” said Meier.
Winnie Rammage of Dalhart, Texas said she especially enjoyed how each band interacted with the audience in a different way. She pointed to the “Atomic Garage” having a “spotlight” dance with two couples from the audience, the Nomads having cheerleaders going through the audience with the lead guitarist of the group and the Fireballs having the cheerleaders actually do a routine on stage with them.
“I just thought that was so cute,” said Rammage. Meier said whether he will put on another show in an upcoming Route 66 Festival is still up in the air, but he said he was very gratified with the response of the people in attendance and with the performances of the bands. “The only thing I was really upset about was the air conditioning being out. You can bet we won’t have anything to do with the auditorium if the air conditioning isn’t working. I couldn’t believe that,” said Meier.