Witcher chosen in special election

TV Hagenah

A total of 91 votes were cast in the District 3 Special Election to choose the city commissioner to represent that district and not even the winner of the commission seat, Jim Witcher was happy about that part of his win.

“First of all I am disappointed that with 650 people registered to vote in District 3, only 91 voters turned out for the election. That’s bad. On the other hand, I am pleased about be chosen for this. I am also glad we live in America where we can have free elections and after the elections we can still be friends. Paula, Ron and I were friends before the election and we were friends during the campaign and I am sure we will be friends now. And not only friends but my supporters to further the good of Tucumcari and Quay County.”

Witcher received 50 votes while Paula Chacon received 26 and Ron Wilmot received 15. Witcher received 43 votes cast on Tuesday at the Tucumcari High School polling place and seven absentee votes. Chacon received 25 cast votes and one absentee vote. Wilmot Received 13 cast votes and two absentee votes. “I congratulate him and wish him good luck,” said Chacon about her winning opponent.
Wilmot for his part said he was happy that those who did turn out turned out. “I’m gald everybody got out and voted today,” said Wilmot.

The new city commissioner’s fellow commissioners said they are looking forward to working with Witcher in the future but they too bemoaned the low voter turnout in the election.
“I am very proud we had three really qualified people running for this commission seat,” said Commissioner Mary Mayfield about the election. My only disappointment was the poor showing of voters. I am looking forward to working with Jim.” Commissioner Chris Maestes agreed with Witcher. “It was a poor turnout,” said Maestes “People should have been out there and voting. I hope to work with the gentleman and I’m sure we will.”

City Manager Richard Primrose said he too was anticipating working with Witcher. “I look forward to working with another commissioner. It will be nice to work with a full five commissioners,” said Primrose. I’m glad the voters decided. I just wish there was more turnout.”