Logan relaxes fire ban

Elaine Quarles

At their regular meeting, July 13, the Village of Logan Council lifted the fire ban that became official June 1.
According to the council, one reason for rescinding the ban was the recent rains, but there was another issue.
“It was an enforcement nightmare,” said Larry Wallin, Village Administrator for Logan.

Wallin said the “nightmare” became evident because the ban included fireworks and the Fourth of July holiday exposed the enforcement difficulty. “There was a lot of confusion because of the different jurisdictions involved,” Wallin said. Wallin pointed out that Ute Lake State Park has certain regulations and as does Quay County. To compound the situation he said, New Mexico state law specifically prohibits counties and municipalities from prohibiting permissible fireworks.

The council said that despite all the problems, another ban would be initiated if conditions warrant it, but Logan would coordinate the ban with state and county regulations.
Currently Ute Lake State Park has a ban on all campfires and all fireworks. Quay County also has a fire ban currently in place. Quay County Manager Terry Turner said discussion on lifting the ban is on the July 26 county commission meeting agenda. “If we can get some moisture, the ban will be lifted,” he said.

As of June 1 the State of New Mexico allows burning of vegetation such as weeds and grass clippings, but prohibits burning of any household trash. More information regarding the state’s open burn and trash burning regulation can be found on the New Mexico Environment Department website under Air Quality: www.nmenv.state.nm.us