City gets new mayor

TV Hagenah

As of Thursday night Tucumcari has a new Mayor. City Commissioner. Mary Mayfield became the first woman in Tucumcari’s history to become mayor.

“I feel very honored,” said Mayfield who was elected to the post in a 3-2 vote. “I will try to do a good job and continue on a level that people have come to expect from mayors like Mayor Litchfield and Mayor Apodaca.”

A new vote for Mayor of Tucumcari was held Thursday because when Antonio Apodaca was elected Mayor, he made it clear that it would be just until a new city commissioner was elected and at that time a new vote should take place. When Apodaca called for a vote, he was nominated by City Commissioner Chris Maestes; however, that nomination died for lack of a second. It was then that Commissioner Bettie Ditto nominated Mayfield. The nomination was seconded by new City Commissioner Jim Witcher. “I really appreciate this opportunity,” said the new mayor. “I am looking forward, with the support of my fellow commissioners and the community to dealing with a number of different issues.”
Mayfield then nominated Antonio Apodaca to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. It was seconded and passed 4-0 with Apodaca abstaining.

Mayfield said she is excited about the future for the City of Tucumcari. “The city is progressing along now in a good direction and that is due to mayors like Calvin (Litchfield) and Antonio (Apodaca),” said the new mayor, “but we need to continue and I hope I can do that.” Employees at city hall said they anticipate a good working relationship to continue with the new mayor as they had with Apodaca. “I look forward to working with Mayor Mayfield,” said Assistant City Manager Marty Garcia. “I think she will do a fine job.”

Mayfield said although a number of different problems face Tucumcari at this time, one thing stands out. “The biggest challenge at this time for the city and the city commission is economic development,” said Mayfield.