FCCLA pair visit Chicago

TV Hagenah

FCCLA state officer Maria Garcia of Tucumcari and the local FCCLA sponsor middle school instructor Jodie Lamm recently returned from Chicago where they attended the FCCLA National Leadership Meeting.

“I thought it went extremely well,” said Lamm about the conference. “I learned quite a bit and I intend to be a bit more passionate about the things we are involved with. I got really motivated to more with my club.”

Garcia who will be a freshman this year at Tucumcari High School said she too was inspired by the conference in Chicago where she attended a number of workshops in addition to touring the city.

“I learned a lot,” said Garcia. “I met lots of people and saw a lot of things. It help me decide that I wanted to do more with FCCLA in school. It also helped me realize that FCCLA is really fun and has its main focus on family.”