Girls Scouts learn of emergency careers

TV Hagenah

Thursday morning a group of Girl Scouts listened to Quay County emergency and law enforcement personnel talk about their professions while the local Girl Scouts took part in a special career day set up in conjunction with Mesalands Community College.

The program called Girl Scout College – Focus Technology has been in the planning stages for “a couple of months” said Mesalands Coordinator for Community Education Christine Dougherty. Besides meeting with firefighters, emergency response personnel, city and state police, the girls also visited the college’s Virtual Science Lab, checked out the other aspects of the college and did career research using Mesalands’ facilities.

The career fair was a two-day event that focused on aspects of both the college and the community in general.
Dougherty said that although the girls taking part in the career day were somewhat hesitant early on, they relaxed before long. “I think the girls were shy,” said Dougherty, “but they started to loosen up as the day went on.”

Donna Lauriault, Neighborhood Chairperson of the Area Girls Scouts, said she was very impressed with the program. “Christine’s done a great job setting it up,” said Lauriault, “and all the presenters are enthusiastic.”

Two of the presenters, Katie Earle of the Tucumcari Police Department and Annette Shivers, an emergency responder with the Tucumcari Fire Department both said they were honored to interact with the Girl Scouts. “It’s good for us to make contact in this way,” said Shivers about meeting with the girls in the relaxed atmosphere that was provided for the question and answer period for the Girl Scouts and their presenters. “I think it’s good to know who’s out there and what we’re really like, and who knows they may think about us as a career someday.”

Earle echoed Shivers’ feelings on communicating to the young girls at their career day. “They now know we’re an option,” said Earle. “We’re not just out to catch bad guys. We’re out here too.” Representatives from the Tucumcari Fire Department, Tucumcari Police, New Mexico State Police and Tucumcari Ambulance Corps were all represented at the Career Day. Girl Scout Membership Director Becky Burress said she felt that the program was an excellent one. “We felt delighted the college was willing to work with us on this and we are anxious to do quite a few more of these in the future.”