Chamber gets new officers

TV Hagenah

The Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce recently chose new officers. Chosen to take over the direction of the Chamber were Will Cantrell, of the First National Bank of New Mexico as president, Paula Chacon of DCC Interiors and Daniel Construction as first Vice President and Debbie Lafferty of Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital as second vice president.

According to Cantrell, he is looking forward to the upcoming year as the head of the Chamber of Commerce because of the number of things that the chamber offers to the area.
“I’m very excited about the opportunity to take part in this organization,” said Cantrell. “It gives me a chance to help the community at an important time.” Cantrell said one of the best things about the Chamber of Commerce in Tucumcari is that they are a driving force in the betterment and advancement of the city and county. “There are a lot of things going on here,” said Cantrell about the area. “And the business community is out to get things done.”

Cantrell’s first vice president Chacon agreed with the chamber’s new president.
“I’m just excited,” said Chacon. “I just feel it is a good organization to be involved in at this time. They do a lot of good for area people and bring a history of working for the economic development of the area.” Cantrell added the he is not only happy to be working with the office staff of the chamber but with his new executive team of Chacon and Lafferty as well. “I’m looking forward to getting to work with this team,” said Cantrell. “They are very capable people who bring lots of good ideas to the Chamber.” Kim Andrews, assistant director of the Chamber, said she is also looking forward to the upcoming year and the new group of leaders coming in.