Forrest Fire Department to acquire new fire truck

TV Hagenah

FORREST – The Forrest Volunteer Fire Department are not crazy about Forrest fire puns, but they are even less fond of Forrest fires. That is one of the big reason they are getting another fire truck.

“We’re glad we’re getting a new truck,” said the Forrest Fire Chief David Rush Tuesday. “Our equipment does need to be updated, but the price of apparatus seems to be getting a little out of control.”

The new truck which the rural fire department is getting from a firm out of Albuquerque will cost $295,000.
Rush made his request for a new fire truck before the Quay County Commissioners Tuesday who granted the request by the Forrest fire chief after minimal discussion.
“We realize how important fire protection is to the rural areas in Quay County,” said Commissioner Jeff Lewalling about the purchase of the truck.

Rush said his 20 member fire department appreciates that the purchase of the truck will not only update his department but will maintain the three truck number of the Forrest Fire Fleet by replacing the 1973 model with this new one.
Rush said what will be especially appreciated is the new compressed-air foam system on the new truck.
“It will reduce the water usage by the truck. You can get further on the water you can carry,” said Rush, “which is important because there are no hydrants out here.”

Rush told commissioners that only two fire truck companies, Darley and Rosenbauer, put in bids to supply a truck for the Forrest department and in fact the Rosenbauer truck was roughly seven percent less expensive. However, the fire chief felt the firm had no “track record” in building the emergency vehicles and he felt uncomfortable about letting his department be the guinea pig for a brand new firm.
The Forrest fire chief told the county commissioners that he had been told by the company putting the truck together that the truck would be arriving on site in about 270 days.