End Ministries Church holds annual yard sale

Winnie Hagenah

Friday morning will see a great deal of activity around the End MInistries Church at 424 S. Monroe, as the church kicks off their annual yard sale at 8 a.m. Aug. 6.

In addition to traditional yard sale items such as clothing and kitchen gadgets, church members will also be selling tamales for $7 per dozen and burritos at $1.50 each. Pastor Dale Cardova said the ladies of the church would be working Thursday night to make both chicken and pork tamales in preparation for the event. “The ladies wanted to work for the church,” said Cordova, “so I’m putting them to work making tamales and burritos.”

Proceeds from the yard sale will help put air conditioning in the church building and do much needed improvements in the rent house. Rent from the house helps pay the church’s utility bills, but the kitchen floor is caving in and the pastor is afraid someone could be badly injured.

Cordova said money made from last year’s yard sale, along with donations from other churches in town, enabled the church to put in a new heating system, but there was no money left to add air conditioning to the aging building.