House class holds reunion

William Thompson

Eight graduates of House High School, class of 1974, reunited at the school Saturday July 31 for an evening of storytelling and catching up. Marrion Hudson, one of their former teachers, went to the reunion and said the students were doing well with their lives.
“The girls were all so smart in school. They were independent and all went into careers for themselves, and the boys were smart too,” said Hudson. “They all turned out so well. They talked about old times. I was so glad to see them all again.”
Mark Hudson, House High School class of 1974, said he and his former classmates talked about pranks they committed during their school days.
“Last night at the reunion we talked about the time some of us changed the water and gas lines in the chemistry lab at school,” said Hudson. “We had water coming out of the gas valves.”
Hudson, who now works for the USDA in Pennsylvania, will be transferring to Hawaii soon. He said he was impressed with the House High School of 2004.
“The new school is just gorgeous. That’s what impressed me the most,” he said. “The school we went to in 1974 was torn down.”
Pam Moon traveled from Poquoson, Va. to emcee the festivities Saturday evening. Moon, who is the finance director for Poquoson, said she too was impressed with the high school’s facilities.
“The facilities are so much nicer now,” she said, “It’s so nice and modern and technologically advanced.”
Moon’s mother, Betty, said her daughter was shy back in high school.
“Pam was very shy back in 1974,” she said. “She is much more outgoing now.”
Pam Moon said she was never shy around her classmates.
“I was never shy in school, but being from a small town like House, I was shy around strangers,” she said. “I’ve had to overcome that shyness.”
Mark Hudson said he recalled that the boys of ‘74 had crushes on the girls of ‘74, but that did not work the other way around.
“I had a crush on all the girls in the class of ‘74, but they ignored me. They all went out with older guys.”
Pam Moon said it would have been odd for the girls to date their male classmates.
“We girls went out with older guys,” said Moon. “We went to school with our male classmates ever since first grade. It would have been like dating a cousin or something.”
Betty Moon said the former classmates had an enchilada dinner at the school Saturday evening.
“They got to watch a slideshow of themselves,” she said. “Also, a memorial was given for Barry Runyan, a former graduate, and Donald Ray who moved prior to graduation and has since died.”
In addition to Moon and Hudson, the following members of the class of 1974 attended Saturday’s reunion, Cindy Young Faris, of Albuquerque, Shirley Lewis Long, of Texas, Tim Bomar, of House, Kathy Downey Jennings, of Floyd, Ken Burleson, of Houston and Joe Sparks of Colorado.