Woman stranded at Ute Lake

William Thompson

Rodney Paris, Park Manager for Ute Lake State Park, said alcohol contributed to an argument among friends at the park Sunday evening which left a young Albuquerque woman stranded at the park with no money, no possessions, clad only in her bikini.

“Alcohol most definitely contributed to the situation,” said Paris. “She and her friends had gotten into an argument and they did not want her going back to Albuquerque with them. She did not want to go back with them either. It was a mutual decision. Logan’s First Officer in Charge, Bob Gore, wound up dropping the young woman off at the Yucca Motel where her mother had made arrangements by phone to pay for a motel room. Gore said the woman had refused to get her personal effects from her friends before her friends left for Albuquerque. “Apparently, her friends had her things on the ground and told her to come and get them, but she didn’t want to go near her friends.”

Tom Wallace, owner of the Yucca Motel, said his wife had checked the woman into the motel Sunday evening.
“My wife said the woman was very distraught,” said Wallace. “My wife said it was clear that the woman had been drinking. Her mother drove from Albuquerque to come pick her up. Both the mother and the daughter were quite apologetic. They were gone by around 9:30 Sunday night.”
Paris said it is perfectly legal to drink alcohol at Ute Lake State Park.

There are no regulations against drinking at the park for those 21 or over except no drinking is allowed while driving or boating,” said Paris. “Also, no drinking out of glass containers is allowed.”