City gets waterline support

TV Hagenah

According to Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose, he recently received information from the federal government that Tucumcari would be receiving federal money to help with its aging waterlines.

Primrose said the city would be receiving a grant of $265,000 and low interest loans up to $615,200 specifically ear-marked to “revamp” the city’s waterlines.

The funds would be coming from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Fund.
“This is a good project,” said Tucumcari Development Officer Doug Powers. “We’ve worked on getting this for, gosh, three years now.”

United States Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico said he was pleased to be the front man in Congress for the grant and loan which will be coming to Tucumcari.   
“Tucumcari’s water system has been in need of such an overhaul for some time.  I’m glad it is now rather than later.  These funds will help the city upgrade an aging system to ensure that its residents receive clean and safe water deliveries,” said Domenici.

Senator Jeff Bingaman agreed with his fellow senator.
“No community can sustain itself without adequate water infrastructure. I am very pleased that the federal government is making almost $1 million available to the City of Tucumcari to make key improvements to its water system,” said Bingaman.

Primrose said the funds from the agriculture department will be used to replace some 10,000 feet of old waterlines that currently serve Tucumcari. Funding will also be used to ensure that waterline attachments like valves, fire hydrants, and manholes will be updated, replaced or refurbished.
Powers said the federal funds and loans is part of the overall plan to improve First Street but the water grant and loans will be doing much more in Tucumcari.

“And it’s needed,” said Powers. “Some of this pipe (that is in place) was put in in the 1930s. That stuff is old and needs to be replaced. It will also give us a chance to replace hydrants, valves and meters. This will be such a big help.”