Logan limits DMV jobs

TV Hagenah

By TV Hagenah
Quay County Sun

The Village of Logan Department of Motor Vehicles is trimming down the level of services they offer to people who come into their building at least for a month or two.

According to Village Administrator Assistant Rose Kelly who is in charge of the motor vehicle department in Logan, as of Monday, Aug. 16, her department will only be able to process drivers’ licenses, drivers’ license renewals and registration renewals.

“This happened because our motor vehicle clerk accepted a position with the (Logan) school,” said Kelly about the situation.

Kelly said the clerk’s leaving eliminates the motor vehicle office’s ability to do VIN inspections, to do new vehicle registration issuances, issue license plates nor anything dealing with title transactions.

“All other motor vehicle transactions will have to be done else where,” said Kelly. “This is just a temporary situation though though. It will only be one or two months – just until we get a new clerk. Until then it will be limited service.”

Kelly said the motor vehicle department with its fewer services will still be open from 8-11:30 a.m. and from 1-3:30 p.m. at the Village of Logan offices at 108 A, U.S. Highway 54.

According to June May of Logan, the absence of a motor vehicle clerk will indeed be felt by the community.

“My ex-daughter-in-law worked there and they are so very important,” said May. “Everybody depends on them. They are going to need one (a new clerk) there.”