Reunion time rekindles memories

Lynn Moncus, Comments from the Canyons

Last week, we wandered a few miles down Memory Lane in order to give us a little practice for Rattler Reunion and to help us recall some of our favorite events and pastimes.

Since then, several people have commented on some of their special memories and suggested that we continue our visit so that returning Rattlers can do a little reading.

We talked about the snake dances we used to have before the first football game, and some of us recalled that we never had a chance to join in as we were too busy following Mr. Stephenson while we marched down the street playing real fight songs between the cheerleaders’ yells. The whole town knew that great excitement was afoot, and many citizens participated in the evening’s fun.

Some Golden Rattlers recalled the dances we attended in the courtroom of the old courthouse. We had a record player that didn’t deafen us but allowed us to hear the music and to perform our interpretations of the current dance steps. As I recall, we wavered among popular, folk, and western music, thus providing something for everyone to enjoy.

We also spent many hours at the skating rink while watching Harold Jacobs perform just as gracefully there as he did on the football field. Because many of us had learned to skate on the sidewalks, we really enjoyed skating inside, especially during the summer. Sometimes we would have parties at the rink for special occasions and would spend the evening trying to learn some of the fancy tricks that we had seen others perform.

Now and then we would have a major train wreck and would land in a pile as we tripped over each other. When the rink wasn’t too crowded, we would also have our own version of a snake dance and would always try to be anywhere except at the end of the line because that person really needed to be both agile and nimble in order to avoid injury.

We also recalled the many basketball tournaments we had in the old gym. The county and district tournaments were the highlights of the end of the season and drew crowds from all over the area because we had a number of schools throughout the county and district in those days. When the new gym was built, we hosted the state basketball tournament here and spent a week eating, sleeping, and thinking basketball because that was one big tournament with numerous teams from throughout the state.

No team was ranked in those days; thus, teams from all sizes of schools had the opportunity to participate. The Rattlers won that year as had some of the county teams in the preceding years.

Of course, we had to do a little talking about the trip to Dawson on the Polly to play a football game on the coldest day of the year and to recall the games we played against Clovis on Thanksgiving Day, often in the snow.

Whether Rattlers were on the team, in the band, or in the Pep Squad, we attended all home games and as many away games as possible. Parents loaded their cars with students and headed long distances so we could keep the Rattler Spirit alive.

Just drop by the Rattler Reunion this weekend and listen to more stories about our school days and the great times we had at THS.