San Jon to build village hall

William Thompson

San Jon’s village administration employees will be moving from their cramped quarters at the San Jon Community Center into the spacious confines of a new village hall in early 2005.

Rosalie Rachor, San Jon Administrative Assistant, said San Jon has received more than $230,000 in grants to build the new village hall.

“The state legislature gave us $75,000 this year and $65,000 last year,” said Rachor. We also received an $80,000 grant from the USDA under its community facilities program.”

Senator Pete Domenici (R), who serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee, released a statement Monday about San Jon receiving the USDA grant.

“I am very pleased with this USDA investment to give San Jon a facility to carry out the basic needs of this small municipality.”

Rachor said that in addition to the village hall, 2,000 square feet, a large emergency services building of 6,400 square feet will provide garage space for two ambulances, storage space for the fire department and an emergency storm shelter for residents.

“The new building including the village hall and the emergency space will adjoin the present building which houses the police and fire departments,” said Rachor. “Any resident needing to conduct business with the city will be able to get everything taken care of in one facility.”

Rachor said she and her coworkers are looking forward to the new office space which will include a conference room.

“We won’t have to stumble over boxes and stack file folders up to the ceiling anymore,” said Rachor. “Also, many events are held here at the community center during our normal working hours. The people working the events are always concerned about disturbing us, and we are concerned about disturbing them.”

Cynthia Lee, an assistant in the current office, said everyday work will be more efficient in the new building.

“Right now the city records are stored in several different places and it takes time to retrieve certain records,” she said. “With the new building, however, all the records will be kept in the same place.”

Rachor said the city has also received more than $100,000 for the purchase of a new ambulance.

“The ambulance has been ordered and should arrive any day now,” said Rachor. “Around $55,000 came from a state EMS program and $50,000 was awarded from the 2004 state legislature,” said Rachor. “Also we received $1,250 in donations from private individuals.”