Quay County buys buildings on Main Street

TV Hagenah

On Monday, the Quay County Commission agreed to purchase two buildings for the county’s ASAP and DWI programs in order to save money.

According to County Commissioner Grace Madrid the buildings which the two substance abuse programs are currently housed in at 109 and 113 East Main St. came available earlier this summer, and DWI Coordinator Noreen Hendrickson pointed out that by purchasing the building from the current owner, it would be cheaper payments than the two entities were currently paying as rent. ASAP head Susan Lease concured with Hendrickson as to the practacilaty of the proposal. “They were paying $750 per month in rent, but the payments for the building will only be $500 per month,” said Madrid aboutthe move.

County Commissioner Franklin McCasland added that the drop in payments was especially welcome by the county and the two groups because state funding for the anti-youth-smoking program and the anti drinking-and-driving program both have seen cuts in their budgets. “State support for both these programs have been shrinking” said McCasland. The need to send the two programs from the Courthouse came about because the space in the county governmental building became less and less available until they were forced to find housing elsewhere. “Simply put the courthouse has outgrown its confines,” said County Commissioner Jeff Lewalling. “And this way the program will pay for their own building.”
Quay County Manager Terry Turner also noted that there was another aspect that was a definite plus in the agreement that the commissioners made with the Amarillo State Bank who was acting as the trustee of the Mabel Ruth Thomas Trust which owns the property.

“If state funding for the programs stop,” said Turner. “They (the bank) will take it back and we don’t have to keep paying.”