Rattler reunion rousing success

TV Hagenah

An estimated 700 people attended the 2004 edition of Tucumcari’s biggest public event, the Rattler Reunion.
“I think it went great,” said co-Rattler Reunion Parade Marshall County Manager Terry Turner. “It’s one of those things that makes Tucumcari very special.”

The director of the annual event, Norma Redhage Crellin agreed with Turner as to the success of the weekend’s activities. “I think just about every aspect went well,” said Crellin. “It was just excellent.” Crellin said that the numbers attending were very impressive for the 2004 gathering of Tucumcari High School graduates. She pointed out that on Friday the crowds were good, but for Saturday she said they were “fantastic.”

Crellin pointed to the Class of 1954 and the Class of 1974 as being especially well represented at the Rattler Reunion.
“Both of those classes got a good number of people out,” said Crellin. “I was really impressed.” Quay County Commissioner Jeff Lewalling said he too was impressed with the turnout of people for the reunion of his alma mater.
“I couldn’t believe just how many people were there,” said Lewalling about the numbers attending the different activities. “I was just so stunned with the people whom I got to see.”

Crellin said the reunion celebration was not just good for the people attending and visiting but was also good for the economic health of Tucumcari. “It brought in people and they stayed in the motels and ate at the restaurants,” said Crellin. “It was good for the city.” Turner agreed with Crellin saying that there were few losers over the weekend.
“I think just about everyone prospered from this weekend,” said Turner.

Comptroller for Tucumcari’s Holiday Inn, Sarah Hittson said the Holiday Inn did very well over the Rattler Reunion Weekend. “We got the Golden Rattlers,” said Hittson, “so of course we it well. They did all of their activities here.”