School set to begin

TV Hagenah

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw students across Tucumcari registering for classes at Tucumcari Elementary, Middle and High schools which will begin later in the month.
At each of the schools, administrators and counselors who were in charge of the registration said things went well, if a little chaotic at times.

“But things always are hectic at registration,” said high school counselor Susan Reents who was handling the registration at Tucumcari High School.
Despite that craziness, however, she said it was going well and members of her staff said that the numbers even seemed to be up from the end of school in 2004.
“It looks as if we are up by about 11 students from the end of school.”

The staffer was quick to point out that the number is an approximation and no official count will be available until well into the first month after school has begun.
At the elementary school, Principal Teresa Salazar said things went very smoothly there also. “It’s really an exciting time here,” said Salazar about the elementary school registration. “It’s still very exciting and new for these children.”

At the elementary school an open registration allowed parents with students from kindergarten through fifth grade to register them all at the same time. Salazar said this was initiated because many parents have several children who are students at the school. By letting all of them register at the same time, parents only had to take time away from work or home once as opposed to two or three times which could have been a possibility. “It has definitely seemed to have worked really well,” said Salazar.

The elementary registration which was held in the elementary school gymnasium established stations where parents and their students would stop to get information and documents, and then tables for them to fill them out, places to turn them in and a spot to get a photo taken for a student ID. There was even a place for incoming kindergartens to choose a free book provided in conjunction with Altrusa, the Tucumcari Public Library and the elementary school. Students could choose from 15 different books provided by Altrusa.