Rattler volleyball team set to start

TV Hagenah

It could be a very good year for the Tucumcari High School Volleyball Team. Head volleyball coach Alicia Trujillo said she thinks that the 2004 volleyball season could develop into a strong year for the team she coaches.

“We’re still young and we are still rebuilding,” said Trujillo, “but we could surprise some people and they are really working and coming together as players and as a team.”
Trujillo said she has 28 girls out for the team. While only three of them are seniors, seven are juniors and most of those have experience from the 2003 volleyball season.

Assistant coach Kaylene Davis agreed with her head coach regarding the quality of players on the Tucumcari team.
“It may be a young team,” said Davis, but it’s an experienced team too. Many of these girls played last year and know what being on varsity is all about. They’re looking great.”
Davis said that the key to the play for the Rattler squad could well be the lack of specialization that many teams practice.
“We have a number of all-around players,” said Davis. “They’re setters, hitters and servers. They’re good all around.”

Trujillo said that perhaps her greatest challenge in dealing with the Tucumcari team is having the young women under her tutelage realize just how good they are capable of being and the set that is most important is not the set of a volleyball, but rather that of the mind. “We have to change their mind set,” said Trujillo. “We have to wake them up to what it’s like to be a winner out here (on the volleyball court).”

To achieve that the girls on the team have been doing some training on their own. Trujillo pointed to them running a mile at 5:30 a.m. each day and ending two-a-days with a run of five miles. The Rattler girls will scrimmage against the Logan girls on Thursday in Logan. Tucumcari’s first actual game will be the following Tuesday, Aug. 24 as they host Floyd. and the following Saturday, Aug. 28 Tucumcari will host Logan. “People need to come out and see these girls,” said Trujillo. “I think they will be impressed.”