Sexual contact trial set for Aug 30

William Thompson

Local rancher Kyle Evetts will stand trial in Tenth Judicial District Court Aug. 30. Evetts is facing nine counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor. In a pre-trial hearing Aug. 18, Judge Ricky D. Purcell addressed whether testimony regarding the complaining witness’ previous sexual history could be presented in court.
“I’m not going to allow that testimony,” said Purcell. “It is not relevant under these charges.”

Defense Attorney Hal Greig had previously filed a motion to present testimony concerning the “previous sexual experiences and loss of virginity” of the complaining witness.

Evetts’ accuser, now an adult, told criminal investigators that the criminal acts had allegedly occurred between June 1989 and February 1997.
Evetts was present at the pre-trial hearing Aug. 18 as Judge Purcell heard arguments on motions presented by Greig.
Evetts is free on bond while awaiting trial.