Local gladiator wins in California

William Thompson

Local martial artist Jason Pacheco said ‘gaidojutsu’ training has changed his life. He recently won a fight on the under card of the Gladiator Challenge at the Colusa Casino outside of Sacramento, Calif. He hopes to fight in a main event bout in the near future.

Pacheco began gaidojutsu training two years ago at Jackson’s Gaidojutsu Martial Arts School in Albuquerque. Gaidojutsu is a martial art that has its roots in traditional Japanese ju-jutsu. He also has studied kick boxing at the Winkeljohn Kick Boxing School in Albuquerque. “One of the martial arts students said I was pretty good and suggested I look into fighting in the Gladiator Challenge. I fought four amateur bouts and then I fought Aug. 19 in my professional debut on the under card in California,” said Pacheco. “My opponent, who was ten pounds heavier than I was, gave up the fight just one minute and seven seconds into the first round.”

Gladiator Challenge is a popular and fast growing phenomenon. 8,000 spectators attended the main event fights at the Colusa Casino. Pacheco said main event fights are often televised on pay-per-view. “In Gladiator Challenge, I fight in the mixed martial arts category. The fighters fight inside a 15 foot by 15 foot cage shaped like an octagon,” said Pacheco. “My opponent in the last fight was a name fighter known for boxing and wrestling. I kneed him twice in the face and I hit him with a left and a right in the face then got him in a ju-jutsu choke hold. When I won, the crowd was chanting “Blood Boy.” Blood Boy is the nickname my promoter gave me.”

Pacheco said he learned to fight growing up in Tucumcari.
“I had a pretty rough childhood and I got into a lot of fights on the streets of Tucumcari,” he said. “Gaidojutsu training has taught me how to control my temper. I no longer let my temper control my body.” Greg Jackson, the top instructor at Jackson’s Gaidojutsu said Pacheco is a serious student.
“He’s got a lot of technique still to learn,” said Jackson, “but he’s got a lot of heart. The Gladiator Challenge he has entered is a top-level event that is run very well.”

Pacheco said he will find out soon if he will be fighting in a main event bout. “If I can win a main event bout then I will possibly have the chance to fight in even bigger events as far away as Japan,” he said. Pacheco said Tucumcari Ranch Supply and Franklin McCasland sponsored his trip to California. He said he needs sponsors because right now in his career the prize money is not much. “I won $400 for my last bout,” said Pacheco, but if I can win a main event fight, I can win $5,000.”