Quay County Fair comes to end

TV Hagenah

According to those in charge, the Quay County Fair was a “solid success” and plans are already being made for the 2005 edition.

“I think it went excellently,” said Quay County Home Extension Agent Brenda Bishop about the 2004 Quay County Fair. “We had wonderful weather and everybody I talked to who went said they enjoyed the fair.” Bishop said that possibly that was the final test of the quality of the fair. “We had tons of positive comments,” said Bishop.

Extension Agent Pete Walden agreed with Bishop as to the quality of the activities and said he for one was very pleased with his second Quay County Fair. “I was very impressed,” said Walden. “I thought everything came off extremely well.”
Walden and Bishop both pointed to the stock sale Saturday evening which brought in more money according to early indications than either of the previous two years of Quay County Fairs. “The preliminary numbers look like they are up,” said Bishop.

Walden said that he was impressed by all aspects of the fair from the showing of animals to the home arts which took place in the north part of the fair building.
In fact Bishop said that the numbers of entries of items in some of the different categories showing in the home arts.
“Some of our booths definitely had more entries than usual,” said Bishop. She pointed specifically to canning and ag products. The only notable voice of complaint came from members of the carnival who said that the regular evening rains which came during fair week, while cooling, did hurt their business.

“I’m not certain,” said ride operator Drake Happen, “but I would say we took something of a hit. We do most of our business after the sun goes down, and every evening except one we had rain, and that hurt us. The crowds definitely were down.”