Route 66 bridge to open

TV Hagenah

Christina Romero of the New Mexico Department of Transportation Department announced Monday that Thursday at 3 p.m. would be the official Ribbon Cutting for the Revuelto Creek Bridge on Old Route 66 roughly halfway between Tucumcari and San Jon.

“We promised the folks in San Jon we’d have the bridge open in between 60 and 70 days and we’re doing it.”
Local Quay County Commissioners said they were elated at the news that the bridge would be open, thus opening an valuable thoroughfare in the county. “This is an important road to everyone around here,” said County Commissioner Franklin McCasland who represents the district in which the bridge is located. “A lot of people around here depend on that road.”

McCasland pointed to farmers and ranchers who had to add as much as 20 miles on to a trip into Tucumcari for necessities, and he said the school bus drivers for the San Jon School District would be pleased that the bridge would be opening. He also pointed out that the opening would assist emergency personnel who respond to needs in the area. Commissioner Grace Madrid said she felt that the bridge going in was a winning situation for everyone in the area. She said she knew of a number of people in the area who preferred not to travel on the interstate and were hampered by the bridge being out. “I’m also impressed with how quickly it all has happened,” said Madrid abut the bridge.

Romero said usually the entire process takes as much as three or four years but because of “people pulling together on a number of different levels,” the entire process was completed in around a year. “I am so pleased with this,” said County Commissioner Jeff Lewalling. “This will help out so many people.” Romero said a number of dignitaries have been invited and she expects speakers from both the state and local area to take part.