Tucumcari prepares for Municipal League

TV Hagenah

Tucumcari City officials have been spending many hours in and around the Tucumcari Convention Center preparing it for Sept. 1-3 when over 600 dignitaries from throughout the state including New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be gathering in Tucumcari for the annual meeting of the New Mexico Municipal League.

Richardson will be giving the opening speech at the annual meeting. “This is a great chance for us,” said Tucumcari Mayor Mary Mayfield about the New Mexico Municipal League holding their meeting in Tucumcari next week. “We will be seen by people from all over the state. This will be a showcase for us.” According to Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose, the meeting is for city officials from virtually every community in the State of New Mexico.

These officials will be coming into town to meet and interact with other municipal league members to discuss and be informed about problems, solutions and situations which cities, town and villages will face in the upcoming year and have faced in the previous year. “This is a very important meeting,” said Primrose about the Municipal League coming to Tucumcari. “That’s why we want to look as good as we can. That’s why we’ve been spending so much time cleaning everything up.”

In fact, almost all city employees and city officials have taken shifts away from their desks or other jobs at the convention center or fair grounds cleaning, polishing, waxing and hanging decorations to make the site of the meeting as pleasing as possible. In addition, city workers have been working on improving the overall look of the city. “These people have worked so hard,” said Mayfield. “They have spent so much time. They are to be saluted.”

Primrose said employees met in a special meeting earlier this week to identify problem areas and decide what other chores needed to be done to make the convention center and Tucumcari itself as attractive as possible to the visiting dignitaries coming to the city. Mayfield has even encouraged community members to clean and fix up their homes and property for the visiting individuals who will be traveling around the city seeing what Tucumcari has to offer.
Besides meetings throughout the three days, attendees will have banquets, social hours, a dance and luncheons to keep them busy.