County officials, MCC board share ideas for improvement

Quay County Commissioners and the Mesalands Community College Board of Trustees recently met to discuss ways the two entities can continue to work together to improve the community. The two groups met during a dinner meeting at Bambinos Resaurant.

According to college spokesman John Yearout, Mesalands Community College’s leadership has made a concerted effort to foster open dialog between the college and other agencies and organizations in the community so that productive working relationships can be formed and the needs of the community can be met. “We want to forge strong and productive alliances, and maintain open communications with the various organizations in the community,” said Phillip O. Barry, President of Mesalands Community College.

Both groups agreed the result of such an alliance is visible with the recent improvements done to the rodeo horse stalls and tack storage facilities at the Quay County Fairgrounds.
“The improvements to the stalls shows how we can work together to improve the area facilities,” said Grace Madrid, County Commissioner.

County Commissioner Jeffrey Lewalling said the county has plans to continue development of the fair and rodeo facilities and that the commissioners are hopeful that the College will continue to play an important part in that development. “We all need to think more about the betterment of the community and set goals that will serve everyone so we can make this a better place for our children,” said Madrid.
Berry expressed his opinion that interaction between the two entities would help everyone involved.

“The College has an excellent working relationship with the county and we hope that meetings like this will help keep communications open and help us all plan for the future,” said Barry.