Fund raiser for monument scheduled

TV Hagenah

It has been a long time coming, but the granite stones that will make Veterans’ Park, Veterans’ Memorial Park are a little closer because Lydia Fazekas is back on the job of trying to raise funds for the project.

According to Tucumcari Mayor Pro Tem Antonio Apodaca, Fazekas has been the driving force behind the entire concept of having a Veterans’ Memorial Park with granite stones with names of all of the people of Quay County who have lost their lives during war. “She has done so much,” said Apodaca about the retired Pioneer Senior Center cook who has been working to make the monument a reality. “She has been doing this for years now.”

In fact, the project has been this woman’s crusade for over five years. “I just value those people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country,” said Fazekas about the project.
Fazekas also said Apodaca has also played a pivotal part in the support of the park, not only taking an active part in the upkeep of the park but also acting as something of a liason with city government. “He has done so much,” said Fazekas. “He’s really helped with the (Tucumcari City) Commission.”

The design is four stone pillars listing the names of the Quay County war dead on them with a bronze statue of two soldiers on a three tier pedestal facing the stone pillars.”
She said she has been in contact with a monument company in Clovis who have been helpful with much of the design and pointing to ways of achieving her goal by augmenting the funds that have already been raised for the monument.

The entire concept came about because of a vacation to Taos where she saw the Vietnam Memorial there.
“I said why can’t Tucumcari have one? Why can’t we do some thing like that?” When she returned to Tucumcari she began her quest to bring a memorial to town. Her quest was helped markedly when the city commission dedicated the small triangular plot of land on the corner of Main and Third streets.

The next step, she said, was to raise more funds and toward that cause, she and other volunteers will be hosting a fund raiser on Saturday, Sept. 11, from 12:30 to 5 p.m. She said she plans on games “for all ages”. Food will be available for sale and at 2 p.m. she has planned a cake walk. She said that if anyone else wants to come out and help raise money for the memorial to go in the park, “They are more than welcome.”

“Before my body totally gives out, I want to see this in place.” Fazekas said.