Municipal League meeting deemed success

TV Hagenah

After three days, the Municipal League Meeting that brought almost 700 individuals to Tucumcari has ended.

Those 684 attending the conference went to meetings, took part in demonstrations, listened to speakers and finally listened to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson praise their work and dedication to their home communities.

Attending the meeting were officials from over 163 different communities ranging in size from villages the size of House to the City of Albuquerque. And according to Tucumcari City Employee Larry Moore, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. “I haven’t heard a single word of complaint,” said Moore about the gathering. “As a matter of fact one person even asked if we rehearsed it because it was going so smoothly. Can you believe that she thought we rehearsed it?”

Convention Center director Ron Wilmot said as well as everything went, he could believe it seemed “rehearsed.”
“To tell you the truth,” said Wilmot toward the end of the meeting, “I am still amazed just how well it has gone.”
The credit, he and all those in the administrative chain agreed, should go to the city employees who en masse created the different settings that were provided to delegates for learning and for entertainment.
According to Wilmot, there were times when one activity would be ending at 1 a.m. and the next would be starting a little after sunrise. Yet on just a few hours of sleep the city employees would be out tearing down old decorations and putting up new. “They were amazing,” said Wilmot.

City Manager Richard Primrose agreed with Wilmot as to the quality of work by the city employees but added, “This was also a work of the entire county.”

Mayor Pro Tem Antonio Apodaca said he too found the entire production both the serious, business side and the entertainment side which happened in the evenings with dances, performers and entertaining contests like hula hoop and twist competitions something that reflected well on Tucumcari. “I think this showed a very good side of Tucumcari,” said Apodaca. “People will remember us in a very positive light.”