Dancers come to auditorium

TV Hagenah

The history of Eastern Europe has long been one of contradictions. On one hand, it has been a place of almost constant warfare, yet on the other it has produced composers and artists that have defined music and art for centuries.

According to John Mihn of the Quay Council for Art and Humanities, those contradictions manifest themselves again in FRULA, a 25-member dance troupe which will be coming to Tucumcari on Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. to perform at the Tucumcari High School Auditorium. Mihn said the dance troupe will perform the dances from Eastern Europe they have performed around the world.

He said the dances are based on Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Rumanian and Bulgarian folk dances. According to Mihn, however, to say they are folk dances is a very severe understatement since director and choreographer Dragoslav Dzadzevic has taken FRULA much beyond the simple concept of folk dancing. “This is definitely a big city show. It is not normal that a community the size of Tucumcari would see something like this,” said Mihn of the upcoming show. “We were definitely lucky to get it.”

Bill Fegan of Double Bill entertainment, the booking agent that helped get Tucumcari on FRULA’s current tour, said Mihn is indeed correct about having the dancers come to Tucumcari. He said that in the last two years the group has performed in such locations as Miami, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Chicago and Santa Fe. “So Tucumcari should consider themselves lucky,” said Fegan.

According to Mihn, the show should be an exciting and entertaining evening and well worth the $12 which the council will be charging as an advanced price. The price at the door will be $15. “It is not something that Tucumcari will expect to see again,” said Mihn of the performance.
The tickets are on sale at the Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce office on Route 66 Boulevard. However, Quay Council for Arts and Humanities Season Tickets are good for the one-time performance.
“This is something that no one should miss,” said Mihn.