Heritage Dayze features activities

TV Hagenah

Bruce Nutt, the director of the Tucumcari Historical Museum, said everything is in place for Quay County Heritage Dayze.
“It should be great,” said Nutt. “We’ve got people coming from all over the state and some very talented people from right here, too.”

The museum director said anyone who attends the two day event taking place on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 17-18 should have something to interest them, “We have something for everyone,” said Nutt about the event.
As examples of special entertainment, Nutt pointed to the Paseo del Norte Pistoleros, a gun-fighting group, the Kineh Tah’ Navajo Dancers, the Baile Illusion Dance Group, a Mexican folk-dance group – and these are all just in the realm of special events. The three groups will be alternating performances in the hourly entertainments both Friday and Saturday.

Nutt said there will also be all-day activities taking place on both days. He said that in addition to the special events there will be live blue grass music being played with Indian bread and pastries being baked continuously.
There will also be a special kid’s corner and fossil digging for children. The state of New Mexico will have their Van of Enchantment for both children and adults. The museum director said that for the adults there will be a number of different demonstrations going on throughout the day. These will include demonstrations of pottery making, weaving, blacksmithing, branding, butter and ice cream making and water-witching. “I’m not even sure which one I’m looking foreword to more,” said Nutt. “I guess I’m looking forward to all of it. It all should be great.”

Duane Moore, the head of the Tucumcari Historical Institute and chairman of the board for the museum, said he too was looking forward to the Heritage Dayze celebration. “I really think this is going to be so great,” said Moore. “This should really be something special.” Nutt said dignitaries from throughout the state of New Mexico will be in attendance.