State to host tree workshop

A Tucumcari event next week will feature windbreak establishment and hands-on programs.

The New Mexico State Forestry Division, along with the El Llano Estacado Resource and Conservation Development Council (RC&D) will sponsor the Eastern New Mexico Shelter Belt and Tree Care Workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 21 and Wednesday, Sept. 22, at the Tucumcari Convention Center at the west end of Route 66 Boulevard.

According to a spokesman for the organization, the workshop will cover topics such as windbreak establishment and maintenance, wildlife habitat benefits, irrigation systems, pruning and pest/disease problems.
State Forestry experts and tree care professionals will also be present to conduct hands-on planting and pruning demonstrations. “Especially now, during a time of drought in our state, proper tree care is mandatory,” says Forestry Division Tree Seedling Program supervisor Paul Lyons. “Well-maintained trees and windbreaks not only beautify our land, but also help protect crops, livestock and wildlife habitats.”

Lyons said the cost for the workshop is $10 and registration can be conducted at the event.