Local artists paint gourds

TV Hagenah

Three area artist traveled to Taos yesterday to submit gourds they had painted for a special benefit art show of nothing but painted gourds called, “Out of your gourd”.

The three, Sharon and Doug Quarles and Tom Windem, have spent much of the last week on their small canvases – preparing the surfaces, sketching the images they would create and finally actually painting their creations.
“We’re having a great deal of fun with this,” said Sharon Quarles.

Her husband Doug agreed but added that the shape of the surface added an entirely different level to the entire process.” The show will benefit the Taos area food bank, “Shared Tables.” The sponsor of the show, Leslie Cronin who owns and runs the Taos Gallery said she is very excited about having entries from artists of the caliber of the Quarles and Windem.

“They came into the gallery to visit awhile back and I just asked them, ‘Have you ever painted on a gourd?’” said Cronin. “They of course said they hadn’t but were willing to try. I just know it will be wonderful. All three are just superb artists.”

Artists from all over the country will be participating in the benefit art show. The painted gourds will first be displayed in the Taos Gallery until they are sold to benefit the food bank on Sept. 25 between 7-10 p.m. For more information call 800-511-6773.